The Scientific Committee invites authors to submit their abstracts.

  • Abstract submission deadline: May 9, 2021
  • Abstract evaluation deadline: end of May 2021
  • At least one of the abstract authors must attend the conference
  • All abstracts must be submitted in English
  • A maximum of TWO abstracts from one presenter will be considered in order to assure broad participation and exchange of views

The Scientific Committee will review each abstract to consider its relevance for the conference.

Abstracts should be submitted according to the instructions below


Maximum number of words: 300 excluding titles, authors and affiliations. Graphics will not be accepted.

Concise, small letters

The abstract for original articles should be divided into the following sections
     a) Aim: description of the objective/aim of the research
     b) Methods: description of the methods used
     c) Results: results of the research
     d) Conclusion: brief conclusion







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