The Scientific Committee invites authors to submit their abstracts. All the abstracts accepted will be displayed as posters or rapid fire oral communication.

• The presenting author will have to register to the conference for the abstract to be displayed/presented.
• A maximum of TWO abstracts from one presenting author will be considered in order to assure broad participation and exchange of views.

The call for papers is relaunched only for the rapid fire abstract communications (8 minutes presentation and 2 minutes discussion) which will take place in rooms parallel to the auditorium program.



• Abstract submission deadline: 30 June 2023
• Abstract evaluation deadline and notification to authors: 7 July 2023
The Scientific Committee will review each abstract and evaluate its relevance for the conference.



• Applicants should create a submitter account on https://overcome.key4events.com/abstract.aspx?e=411&c=1996Your email address has to be valid.
• Once your account is created, a login and password are sent to you by email.
• You can submit a new abstract or modify your abstract by entering your login and password here: Abstract submission page.



• All abstracts must be submitted in English
• Maximum number of words: 300 excluding titles, authors and affiliations.
• Graphics are accepted.


The title should be concise and written in lower case.

The number of co-authors is limited to 15.
The affiliation of the co-author should contain the following : unit or section, department, name of the organization, city, country.

• Please remain anonymous in the text of your abstract. Do not leave any hint of geographical origin or name. You can replace them with XXX.

• Please, fill out the following sections:

a. Aim: description of the objective/aim of the research
b. Methods: description of the methods used
c. Results: results of the research
d. Conclusion: brief conclusion

A draft mode allows you to edit your abstract prior to submission. Once your abstract has been submitted, no further amendments will be possible.


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